In the Input Range box, enter the cell reference for the data range that has the input numbers. In the Bin Range box, enter the cell reference for the range that has the bin numbers. Instead of entering references manually, you can click to temporarily collapse the dialog box to select the ranges on the worksheet.

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Clicking the button again expands the dialog box. If you included column labels in the cell references, check the Labels box. You can put the histogram on the same worksheet, a new worksheet in the current workbook, or in a new workbook. Pareto sorted histogram This shows the data in descending order of frequency. If you want to customize your histogram, you can change text labels, and click anywhere in the histogram chart to use the Chart Elements , Chart Styles , and Chart Filter buttons on the right of the chart. Create a histogram chart Select your data.

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Use the Design and Format tabs on the ribbon to customize the look of your chart. Use the Chart Design and Format tabs to customize the look of your chart.

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If you don't see the Chart Design and Format tabs, click anywhere in the histogram to add them to the ribbon. To create a histogram in Excel for Mac, you'll need to download a third-party add-in. I can't find the Analysis Toolpak in Excel for Mac for more details. If you have the Excel desktop application, you can use the Edit in Excel button to open Excel on your desktop and create the histogram.

If you're on a phone, tap the edit icon to show the ribbon. This feature is only available if you have an Office subscription. If you are an Office subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office. If you're on a phone, tap the edit icon to show the ribbon, and then tap Home. To create a histogram in Excel, you provide two types of data — the data that you want to analyze, and the bin numbers that represent the intervals by which you want to measure the frequency.

You must organize the data in two columns on the worksheet.

How to Create a Histogram in Mac Office

These columns must contain the following data:. When you use the Histogram tool, Excel counts the number of data points in each data bin. A data point is included in a particular bin if the number is greater than the lowest bound and equal to or less than the greatest bound for the data bin. If you omit the bin range, Excel creates a set of evenly distributed bins between the minimum and maximum values of the input data. On the horizontal x-axis will be the intervals data which may also be called groups, segments, or bins. This is the grouped data.

Create a histogram

Frequency is on the vertical y-axis. Once you have your raw data into Excel, select your data.

Histogram with MegaStat Excel Mac

Selecting these options in prior versions of Excel without the ribbon toolbar will appear different. By now you should have something that looks like this. By following these directions, you should now see your data represented through the basic histogram graph. You can adjust and customize your graph as needed. Each version of Excel will require slightly different instructions, but the technique will largely be the same.

How to Make a Frequency Distribution Graph in Excel for Mac |

For example, if you are using a percentage scale, you would want to end at " Enter a column heading for the next column over and label it as "Frequency Distribution. In this example it would be the cells in column "A. Click and drag to highlight all of the values in for the frequency, in this example they would be in column "B. Click and drag to select all the cells in the frequency distribution column, starting with the cell where you entered the formula and ending with the last cell that has a bin array value to the left.

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Click the mouse at the end of the formula in the formula bar and press "Command" and "Enter" on the keyboard. The frequency formula will be copied into all of the cells. Click and drag to highlight the data in the frequency distribution column. Click on the "Charts" tab and then click "Column" and choose a "2D Column" chart. The frequency distribution is shown in a column chart.

Note, you can choose a line chart, bar graph or XY Scatter chart, if those suit your data presentation better. James T Wood is a teacher, blogger and author.